Terms of Service

When you use our app, by default, we hide songs that are marked as ‘offensive’.

If you identify yourself through your handle (hash name) and kennel (chapter), and set a password (‘log in’), you are able to show or hide songs that are marked as offensive.

When you’ve logged in, you can include your own songs.
By default, these songs are not available to the public. But, you can share the ID of the song with anyone, who can then also access it and, if he so chooses, ‘heart’ it.
We might decide to make user-submitted songs publicly available. However, if the submitting user decides to edit the song, the song is automatically removed from public view, until it is explicitly made public again, by us.

Logged in users can flag a song as ‘offensive’ and as ‘unacceptable’. When a song is flagged as ‘unacceptable’, we will follow up within 24 hours and determine what action to take.
This could mean the song being removed and the submitting user being banned.